Dec 23, 2009

A Revolution is Coming.... so says WND's Craig Smith

Only, to him, a revolution is done by voting at the ballet box. If that's the case, then there's a revolution happening every eight years or so. It happened in Bush's term when the public voted in the Democrats, and after so many years of their filth, the public will probably now vote in a bunch of Republicans. But realistically, this isn't a revolution in any shape or form.

That begs the question, what is a revolution? Simply put, it's citizens saying "no" in the most forceful manner possible. Our country was founded on that "no" when the colonies stood up to the crown, said "down with taxation without representation," and then backed it up with an armed conflict. That conflict forceably threw off the chains of bondage and a new nation was born.

To be blunt, I'm getting pretty fed up with columnists, politicians, and news medias leaping onto the "bandwagon" only to hijack it for their own purposes. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I think WND is a great news organization. However, they certainty do have their biases (as all news organizations do), and they push that bias down the throats of their readers.

Does America need a second revolution? Well, I guess the answer to that depends on whom you're discussing it with. Certainty, the Democrats need to be thrown out on their rears. They have done more damage to this country in less then a year then all others in previous American history combined. Yet are the Republicans the answer? They have shown through their actions that they are not opposed to big government. And when they are in power, they're too timid to answer the challenges the Democrats throw at them. The Republicans are so concerned with "co-existing" with the Democrats that they end up compromising. That cowardly policy ultimately harms the nation even more.

WND, along with other entrenched conservative columnists, is pleading with it's readers to not adopt a third party. They say that if we do so, then the conservative vote will be watered down and the socialists will remain in power. Well I, for one, am sick and tired of having to choose between the "lesser of two evils." That's what happened to the 2008 elections. The conservatives were sickened by the fact that they had to choose between Obama or McCain. Many of us simply refused to vote. Most of us will not allow ourselves to be forced into such a situation again.

For example, take the recent race in New York where even though victory was stolen by common liberal practices in vote counting, Doug Hoffman (of the Conservative Party) almost won. Think folks, this is ultra liberal New York! As well, during this race, the Republican party once more revealed it's true colors as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich"talked up" Dierdre Scozzafava. This is the same Dierdre who, after dropping from the race, went on to endorse her Democrat opponent over Hoffman.

The Republicans of today are finally jumping on the "band wagon" and are pretending to be the guardians of the conservative movement. Unfortunately, they're "Johnny Come Lately's" as they stood back to watch what would happen with the Tea Party movement. When it became obvious that this wasn't simply a passing fad, then they "engaged." While I'm thankful that they are currently opposing the socialist grab for power by Congress and the Executive branch, believe me, they aren't doing it out of any entrenched moral outrage. They're simply trying to hijack Conservative outrage to serve their own political careers. Heed my words - once they are the majority again in Congress, they'll go back to their old ways of being weak spined as well as in favor of large government. I'm tired of this, aren't you?

Today on the streets and corners of Hometown USA, anger is prevalent. The two philosophies of conservationism and socialism are in open warfare. Their corresponding supporters are animated in this fight, and tensions are running high. It will only take a spark to ignite the blaze that is waiting to spread. The long quiet conservatives have finally grown a spine and are fighting back. The socialists, used to years of passive resistance, have finally worked through their shock and are turning to all the dirty tactics they know. They're even inventing new ones. Unlike times of old, this is not cowing the conservative base of America. Instead, this is only energizing them.

No, even if the Democrats are thrown out on their rears in 2010 and 2012, that will not be a revolution. A revolution will be occurring when American citizens stand up in open defiance of their government to say, "no more!" That open defiance will be backed up by arms and warfare will spread. That we are headed towards a revolution, of this I am sure. The real question is: How it will end?

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