Dec 22, 2009

I Appologize

Folks, I apologize for my recent couple of posts. I admit that I have been very angry, and I know that I'm not the only one. Yet that should not be an excuse for my recent conduct. I am a passionate person, and those passions run quite deep. Sometimes, if I'm not careful, they'll boil over on to the surface and explode outwards in a magnitude equal to a Mt. Vesuvius eruption.

The Democrat takeover of our personal freedoms have hit home. Perhaps if I give some personal background, the reasoning for my feelings will be made clear.

On October 31th, 2007 I was rear ended in an auto accident. December 12th of 2007, roughly six weeks later, I was rear ended once more as I was at the post office dropping off paperwork for the first accident. Due to the injuries sustained in these accidents, as well as other issues, I have been on Social Security Disability since March of this year (2009). For a hard core Conservative, this has been a difficult pill to swallow. I absolutely loath the welfare system as is. I have seen too many people abuse it and continue to live off of it. Yet that is not my case. This is why I am returning to college next semester to pursue a diploma in English. I refuse to be yet another leech on society.

Formerly an IT professional, I have found myself extremely limited in what my body will allow me to accomplish. Gone are the days where I can stand on my feet for more then a handful of minutes at a time. Stooping and lifting are out of the question. What I am still able to do is write.

This past year while on disability, I have not had medical insurance. In fact, I will not have medicare until the 1st of next month. However, I refuse to use it. When I paid for my classes, I bought campus insurance, and that is what I'll be using for my medical care. That being said, I feel that I am quite qualified to discuss the "health care" reform in it's current congressional draft (soon to be law). I am very much opposed to it. Regardless of my injuries, I am loath to have myself placed under any more government control, and I know what it will do to the nation. I strongly oppose abortion, large government, and socialism in all it's forms. I feel that I am using disability as it was intended, to help me get back on to my feet so that I may once more become a contributing member to society.

Yet that is not what the socialists in power want. They need us to be completely reliant upon them. When they have Americans dependent upon them, their power grows exponentially. As their power grows, our freedoms are taken away. I would rather spend the rest of my life in disabling pain then to support any move by our government to remove more of our freedoms. This is why I have been so upset about the very recent government grab for power. I am personally living in a situation where I have no health insurance and am in constant pain. Yet I recognize everyone's rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am very frightened by what we are witnessing as a nation, and I am disturbed by what seems to me, at times, to be a less then 100% willingness of Americans to fight this.

My name is posted all over the internet, and anyone doing a cursory search may find me. What they will find is my outspoken opposition to the Obama administration. There may even be a time in the future where I could be removed from my disability status before I'm able to enter the workforce simply because of the positions I have taken. Yet out of love for my country and my fellow Americans, I am putting all of this on the line.

So when I read the news and, to my disdain, discover more betrayal by our elected representatives, when I discover life-term judges creating laws (unconstitutional), when I see our God given rights as American citizens being flushed down the toilet, I become angry. When I talk to the average American who is unwilling to learn about our Constitution and the founding of this nation, when I hear people tell me that they have given up and that they feel there is no hope, I in turn become quite frustrated. When I hear of politicians compromising my liberties, I seethe deep inside. When I am placing everything I have on the line, and see other Americans unwilling to do the same, in disgust, I wonder why?

I'm far from perfect. As everyone else, I have my faults. I have a powerful temper and a strong loathing for what is being done to this nation. Unfortunately, sometimes that bursts out in my writings. I do ask that you forgive those occasional outbursts and I promise to try to keep a strong reign on my emotions.

I won't give up on this country - this beautiful nation that was blessed by God. I won't turn my back on the Founding Fathers, nor on the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our liberties. I ask those of you who are currently engaged in this war to continue to stand with me. To those of you who have yet to enter battle, I plead with you to take up freedom's banner with me.

May God guide those of us who truly love His given freedom, and may we trust that His providence will lead us to victory.

Philip Damon
December 22, 2009


Siobhan said...

While I (and probably others) might not agree with you 100% on every issue you opt to discuss or the beliefs behind them, that doesn't mean I don't respect the fact that you are passionate about what you feel strongly about. More people should feel passionate about something (heck in my cases anything because so many people are numb from the hairline down) and sometimes to much is said out of anger but finding it within ourselves to forgive one another and learn from our mistakes is part of what, I believe, God put us on this planet for.

I love my country and want to do right by my country, do not discount that. However, I also made the choice to have children. They are children and it is my responsibility, as a parent, to make sure that I take care of their needs as well. I have been the welfare mom standing in the checkout line with the food stamps, getting the glares when people thought I was there simply because I was one of "those" people who was using the system for my own gain. But their looks were unjustified. Yes, I needed the help, I could not do it on my own, but I was not there to take advantage of the system. I did whatever I could to remedy the situation so that I could take care of my children, independently and not be a burden on my fellow tax paying Americans. The welfare system is there to help people in need. Not there to pay for the lazy people who refuse to get off their butt and change their situation. I have fought long and hard to get to the point that I am at now where I am just treading water.

Children, the disabled and the elderly that are unable to work or care for themselves are frequently innocent pawns in the world. Used for people's own self gain and cast aside when not needed. Their needs often not met through their own parents selfish actions by putting themselves before their children who are unable to care for themselves in so many ways. So while I will do what I can for my country, I also have a priority to do what is right for my children as well as it was my choice to bring them into this world and it is my obligation to take care of them and raise them. I will not make them suffer from hunger or basic necessities. I will do without before they will, as has always been the case.

Abortion as a form of birth control is despicable in my opinion. The first time I truly encountered this in any way was back in the late 90s during, I believe, the second season of The Real World on MTV. Yes, I know, it is a reality TV show and much of it is faked for tv blah blah. But there was one woman who went in and had an abortion because she had been sleeping around and got pregnant. I was about 17 at the time and I was absolutely sickened by the idea.

There are two situations where I MIGHT see it as being an option. The first being if the baby had terminal birth defects that would not allow it to live or it would be in extreme pain during it's short life. Either way the poor child is going to pay the price and either way it is heartbreaking. Do you save the child the pain or not?

The second would be in the situation of becoming pregnant during a rape. Do I personally think I could have an abortion in that situation? I have been raped. I know the feeling and damage it has caused me, particularly emotionally and mentally. Fortunately I did not end up pregnant but I can't imagine the mix of emotions that would result in that case. The love for an unborn child, yet at the same time the hate and fear that come with why the pregnancy occurred in the first case. Yes, adoption is totally an alternative in that situation, but unless someone has been in the situation of being violated like that... it is hard to imagine the emotional pain that occurs and that taints you. But does one crime justify the taking of another life? In my opinion no, two wrongs do not make a right but I can see how some woman could opt to go this direction in the hopes of recovering from the trauma but I think it will only add to it.

Props to you.

TroubledPatriot said...


I thank you for your obviously well thought out post. No, I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I expect to get them to agree with me. I am after all, correct 98.8% of the time :P

On a more serious note concerning abortion, I cannot accept it in any situation what so ever.

Rape: There are numerous stories of women who have been raped and who decided to keep their children. There is a popular true story about a white woman who was raped by a black man. She kept her child and has been extremely blessed. Yes, rape is a horrible violation, but it is not the child's fault. And that child is a creation of God. It is should never be our decision who should live and who should die. Should the child suffer for the crimes of the father? Honestly, no.

Child is diagnosed as "damaged." This starts taking us down a very slippery slope. Again, we are taking matters into our own hands as to who should live and who should die. This is exactly what eugenics was all about. Please read my previous post concerning why America is where it's at today. In there are some links to the eugenics program.

Sarah Palin's child is mentally disabled. Should she have murdered her unborn baby? Heaven forbid! And who is to say that a doctor's diagnosis is going to be 100% correct? When you have an ultrasound and ask what sex the baby is, the doctors never give you a 100% guarantee on that sex because they never know for sure. And last of all, who are we to say that God will not heal that baby or do something miraculous with it's life? God created it for a reason. It is not our place to counteract God's judgment.

When my ex wife was pregnant with our first child, she had hypertension, paternal diabetes, and toxemia. Her live was in danger because of that pregnancy, and the doctors encouraged us to end that child's life. But we held on to our convictions, and though the later stages and the birth itself were terrifying at moments, we are now blessed with a beautiful child named Abigail. She is incredibly brilliant, in her school's advanced class. She has the sweetest heart I have ever seen in anyone, period. Her and her sister are the loves of my life. My ex was also having problems with our second child and had to have a cesarean performed.

According to the "wisdom of the world," we should have killed them in the womb. But we obeyed God and were blessed as a result of that. Abby and her sister Faith are complete angels - beautiful and smart!

I state with conviction that there is no reason what so ever that allows for the murder of the unborn. The fact that now all Americans are going to be forced to pay those people who wish to end the lives of their children is a black stain on all Americans. I know for a fact that God WILL judge this nation for this. God judged nations before for sacrificing their children. We are also sacrificing our children, but our "gods" are ourselves. Do not think that we will escape.

Once more, I do appreciate your well thought out comment. Thank you for posting it.

Rushlight said...

Don't apologize for saying what you think and feel. It IS good to acknowldege you tend to get VERY passionate about your topics. ;-)

I understand about not wanting to be on disability. I could qualify, and have a doctor who has said he would gladly begin the necessary paperwork to help me get on that track if I wanted.

But I don't want to. It's probably pride as much as anything. God knows how often I've wanted to, wanted to give in and find relief from the struggle to work. God also knows I would make more money with government help than I do currently with my part time job.

I too and sickened and frustrated by people who relax, unrepentant, on the federal dole.

Keep pressing on. But don't let the darkness overtake you. God bless.

Siobhan said...

I believe there was a bit of confusion regarding what I said regarding abortion in relation to an illness. I did not mean a birth defect that would simply mean life would be more difficult for the child nor something that affected only the mother. Both both of my children I was hospitalized more times then I care to count. Not once did the thought occur to me to terminate either pregnancy for my own pains. What I meant was in a situation where there is a horrible physical defect where the infant simply cannot survive. Stories of babies born with their brain or other organs outside of their body where there is no chance of survival only horrible pain. I by far do no think it is a pleasant alternative but neither one is for the child. When it comes to other mental or physical defects that simply impair the quality of life then no, I don't think it is right. My own son has a birth defect as I believe you are aware. It has made things more difficult for him but I will not allow him to use it as an excuse or crutch in life and by no means would I have ended my pregnancy just because of the small issues he does have.

Two wrongs certainly don't make a right when it comes to the rape situation. I don't think I personally would be able to keep the child but I don't know. I have not been in that precise situation. Adoption by far seems a better alternative then abortion if I opted not to keep the child. While I might not agree with someone's option to abort in that situation, I can sympathize to a large extent.

I do wonder where you stand on the issue of birth control. Many (if not most) health insurance programs do not cover the cost of birth control pills (or Depo shots) for women and pharmacists are not required to fill the prescriptions as some see it as a form of abortion. I disagree on the later portion as birth control inhibits the release of the egg so that it can't be fertilized although the "Morning After" pill does function differently. Do you see this as a form of abortion in some way? What does bother me on this issue is that most health care programs refuse to cover these prescriptions but will turn around and pay for Viagra. Something about that really just burns me.