Aug 21, 2011

Military Police in Civilian Life

Folks, this is kinda scary.  It seems that the Air Force lead a raid against a gun store today in search of "stolen material" that supposedly isn't related to weaponry.  Regardless of the reason, the military has no purpose what so ever of policing civilians.  The rule of law has been broken, and this worries me.  Is this just a "fluke" thing, or are we going to see more stuff like this in the future?

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV)- We're learning more on why the U.S. Air Force raided a local gun store Friday. They say it wasn't guns they were looking for.

An official from the Air Force is speaking to Action News about that raid. New information clarifies that this may have been an inside job, and the penalties could turn out to be very severe.

It was an afternoon that rocked businesses near Dean Martin and Flamingo. Local and federal law enforcement agencies swarmed in and served search warrants on Citadel Gun and Safe.

New information gives us an insight on the massive raid that up until now, authorities were tight lipped about. Turns out it was the Air Force Office of Special Investigations that led the raid.

"They went in there and did in fact find stolen air force military property that was stolen from Nellis Air Force Base," says Linda Card with the Air Force OSI.

Metro lent a hand as well as the FBI, ATF, and ICE. The recovered material though would not have posed a danger to regular people, says the Air Force.

"It did not include weapons, guns, explosives of any kind, bombs, nothing like that. It was basic stolen military property," says Card. Read it all

  It also worries me that a gun shop was involved.  We know how liberals feel about the 2nd amendment... was this part of a scare tactic?

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