Aug 18, 2011

Rick Perry's Islamic Ties

There have been some investigations lately into Gov. Rick Perry's ties and or lip service to Islamics.  I think these are issues worth looking into, considering that he may be the next president of the United States.  Do we want to put another man into office who won't take a serious look at Islamic terrorism?  Decide for yourself.

The first article is from Daniel Greenfield.  In it, he takes a serious look at Perry's relations with, among others, Mohamed Elibiary and Farouk Shami - both shady characters. The second is from Robert Spencer who looks at Perry's connections, among others, to Grover Norquist and Aga Khan - more shady characters. 

What I don't understand, is with all the evidence around us, why politicians pay lip service to Islamic personas who contradict our country's firm stance on freedom and liberty?

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