Aug 16, 2011

Worried about Paul

I'm worried about Ron Paul.   On economic issues, I support him 100%, but on foreign policy, he has no understanding of real world issues.  I do agree that we should pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but we should keep Israel as a close ally.  As the only true democratic state in the middle east, it would be foolhardy to leave them to their fate.  As well, his comments about Iran not being a threat is grossly ignorant.  Iran has stated over and over again that it wants to destroy Israel and the "Great Satan" - us. Even though everyone with common sense knows what's going on, Iran continues to lie about its nuclear weapons program - which they're very close to completing.  They're even working on their "delivery system" - new rockets.  The jihadists in the middle east do not hate us because of our support for Israel.  If anyone would be honest with themselves, its ideologically based (Islam vs. the Free World).  Removing our support from Israel will not encourage the Islamic countries to "like" us. Thus I believe that if Ron Paul becomes president, world events will create a grave danger to a nation that has its eyes blinded by choice. 

Compound this with Mr. Paul's statement that he is going "all in," I believe that he will split the vote, just like Ross Perot did in the mid 90's.  It was because of Mr. Perot's presidential run that Clinton was re-elected. Clinton only received 49% of the votes, with Perot and Nader taking votes that, if gone to Dole (who had 40%), would of given Dole the victory.  With politics as they are today, Paul will most certainly take more than just 9%, and even though Obama is quite unpopular, he could easily take the re-election as a result.

I just wish Libertarians would stop smoking their dope (which Paul is not opposed to legalizing) and come to realize that its more than just economics which strengthens a country.  Morality and strong alliances with fellow democratic/republic societies are as equally important. 

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