Aug 18, 2011

More Troubling Information Concerning Ron Paul

Russian network host boasts of 'money bomb' for Ron Paul

Yesterday we raised over $1 million for the campaign'
Posted: August 17, 2011
9:55 pm Eastern

By F. Michael Maloof
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WASHINGTON – A commentator on Russia Today, a Russian government-funded television news network that now is known as RT, has boasted of a $1 million "money bomb" on behalf of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a candidate for the GOP's nomination to be president, raising a whole host of questions about just what has happened.

That's because while the commentator happens to be an American, and legally could donate to Paul's presidential campaign, foreign entities such as RT are prohibited.

For some reason, the mere thought of a Russian news station raising money for Ron Paul sends goose bumps up my back.

"I'd like to end tonight on a note of some good news," said Adam Kokesh, a former U.S. Marine who has a segment on RT called "Adam vs. The Man."

"We have some good news from the front lines of the Ron Paul 'LOVEaluation' with our money bomb on June 5.

"Yesterday we raised over $1 million for the Ron Paul campaign. And I'm starting to figure out what electable means, because electable or non-electable is really a code word for 'if this person wins, I'm not gonna be able to get as much money from the government,'" he said.

The comments came on his June 6 program on RT, which is a Russian state-funded, multilingual television news network that, in effect, has endorsed the candidacy of Paul.

Perhaps my unease comes from the fact that RT is tied to Russian intelligence.  Not only that, but the whole issue of legality comes into question.

But contributions from RT, which observers say is tied to Russia's intelligence services, would raise legal questions, given that the Russian media outlet is a foreign entity and, in effect, an instrument of the Russian government. Support for Paul from RT is due to the congressman's opposition to U.S. involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The revelation of RT backing for Paul occurred just after the Iowa Straw Poll on Aug. 12, which showed Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., as the winner with 4,823 or 28.6 percent of the vote. She was followed by Paul in an almost statistical dead heat for second place with 4,671 or 27.7 percent of the vote and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty coming in a distant third with 2,293, or 13.6 percent. He dropped out of the race the next day.

News outlets in the United States reported Bachmann's win but few reported on Paul's showing of being a close second to her.  Read It All

What I really want to know is, why is the Russian government pushing for the election of Ron Paul?  What is Paul's relationship with them?  Could it be because Paul has vowed to turn America into an isolationist nation, leaving Russia free to do with the world what it wants?

"Oh," you may be saying, "this is the new Russia.  The Cold War ended years ago! Russia is our ally!" If that's what you believe, then I have a bridge you might be interested in purchasing...

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