Sep 26, 2010

And they say Conservatives are full of hate...

How many times have you been accused of being hateful and bigoted? How many times have you been shouted down because you stand for what is fiscally and morally right? Well guess what, your the American version of the Taloban, according to Florida Democrat Alan Grayson.  Watch for yourself:

The Raw Story, which did a report concerning this, is filled with venomous hate filled comments from the left. I'm going to post some of them here for you to read.  These were the most recent ones at the time I visited.  I decided to take only these instead of forcing you to read all the filth.  But feel free to go to the article to read them all if you wish. Trust me, this is only a skimming. Warning, they are not for the easily offended.

Tim  Today 02:22 PM
I really like that the term "American Taliban" has become synonymous with the right wing, GOP republicans, tea baggers, what ever they try to brand them selves as, this new term has been properly assigned and it's sticking to them.

That's exactly what they are, American Taliban = our own home grown extremists.

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ya_right  Today 01:17 PM
there ya go alan. play their game and piss off anyone on the fence who might have tilted your way. I hate negative ads. dont tell me what i already know. tell me what you are going to do for me and to hell with the other guy

vey9  Today 03:29 PM in reply to ya_right
There is a street in my neighborhood that is being repaved and the rain run-off is finally being routed out of people's property. After 40 years, the job is finally being done right.

It is using stimulus money and it is claimed that it employs 23 full-time employees for 9 months. My observation is that it has employed many more people than that. There is no sign up saying "Your Stimulus Money At Work" but there ought to be.

lucky_2  Today 12:44 PM
Should have been done 30 years ago. I would like to see more if this, like exposing the christian madrassas that pass for schools. The christian taliban that builds a $25M? museum to show evolution is wrong (My note: this person is referencing the AiG Creation Museum) . The christian 'national prayer breakfasts' that promote a Jesus for the powerful and wealthy. This cult needs the anti-septic of sunshine. Oh please Oliver Stone, please do a modern remake of Elmer Gantry. Please! ;)

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bickle2  Today 12:35 PM
Finally a Democrat that understands how to defuse a Republican. You frighten the paranoid base of their party.

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Ahh yeah.  The Right, the Tea Partiers, Republicans - shame on us all for being the party of hate! This is the main difference I see between the two political ideologies - one side is trying to reach out to the others, educate them about whats going on, while the other side is filled with venomous hate. I'll leave it to you to figure out which party is which.

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