Sep 30, 2010


As has been reported, the career elites in Washington decided to abandon governing in the face of overwhelming voter apathy. As My Way News reports:

With their House and Senate majorities on the line, Democratic leaders called off votes and even debates on all controversial matters...Staying or going might seem an equally unpleasant prospect for some embattled Democrats, who are facing more than four weeks of defending unpopular votes in favor of Obama's economic stimulus measure, health care law and uncompleted legislation for curbing global warming.

The AP - shockingly - adds:

Battle-weary members of Congress are coming soon to neighborhoods near you to press for re-election, more willing to campaign before angry constituents than to compromise in Washington on tax cuts, child nutrition or a federal budget.

Now its obvious that Democrats don't want to vote on controversial issues before the November 2nd election.  They already have enough voter angst pointed in their direction. If they attempted to force additional legislature down the throats of the public, it would ensure defeat.  Yet this very inaction may have quite possibly sealed their political doom.

As most Conservatives sometimes complain, American's aren't stupid.  Gullible? Yes, but not stupid. There's an old saying that is quite relevant when discussing today's voters: "Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice, shame on you." You see, the collective eyes of America have been opened.  They see the elites in Washington for what they really are.  Even Barney Frank is facing election troubles in ultra-liberal Massachusetts. Although probably not enough to prevent him from being re-elected, the mere fact that the threat exists reveals the determination of an angry public. 

Politicians aren't stupid either. Although there are some exceptions (i.e. VP Biden), the majority understand the power of rhetoric and propaganda. Experts on manipulation, they have realized that lack of action in the remaining four weeks before the elections will be, and has been, recognized by "Joe Public" for what it is. Why then have they chosen this course? The answer is that they are scared.  In fact, they're terrified. They know how angry Americans have become towards those who have no regard for the Constitution or private rights.  It is their hope that they can use this expertise to persuade their constituents to keep them in office.

Do not underestimate the Elites. They will use every technique they know. Blame will be passed on to the former Bush administration; they will work to uncover dirt on their opponents; they will use charm to beguile the unlearned masses - focusing on charisma instead of context. They will even deny supporting the bills which they voted for.  Indeed, Ben Nelson (the Nebraska Democrat who is notorious and infamous amongst conservative circles for selling his state for his vote) has called for extensions of the Bush tax cuts.  How he proposes to continue funding for the massive Government take over of health care while at the same time lessening the fleecing of private citizens is an issue he has not yet addressed.  Yet by appealing to the independents of his state, Nelson is seeking to hide his Progressive agenda.  He hopes that they will forgive him for selling out America. Remember, is was Nelson's vote that ultimately allowed Obamacare to become law.  The House needed it, and he sold it to them.

I find it interesting that when their jobs are on the line, Democrats suddenly become centrists - leaning more towards the Conservative train of thought. Although November will tell, I don't think it will work this time. The assault on America led by the Marxists in the Oval Office have awakened the backbone of this country. The people are angry, and the politicians know this.

In fact, neither side of the political isle is safe. Long serving Republicans in states such as Utah and Alaska have already been voted out of their respective primaries.  And although McCain looks to remain in power, this is only because of his sudden transformation into a "warrior" for Conservatism. I only wish that Arizonians had a longer memory and it is my hope that the rest of America's voters aren't as easily duped.

So while many Americans are rightfully disgusted with Congress' cowardly retreat, I suggest that it should also be taken as a sign of hope.  True hope, not the kind Obama used to get into power.  The hope is that those who have taken this country town the road of Stalin, Mao and Castro will soon be voted out of office.  The hope is that they will be replaced by those who not only respect America, but fear her citizens - more specifically, their votes. The hope is that even though we have been led down this dark path, America will arise from the ashes of corruption and be all the more stronger for it.

Let's hope.

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