Sep 20, 2010

Eric Holder Protects U.S. From Terrorists

Oops, maybe not. From the Palm Beach Post:

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is seeking an injunction preventing Mary Susan Pine from entering any driveway leading to the clinic and anyone associated with her from blocking women from entering the center where abortions are performed.

If he is successful, the 58-year-old West Palm Beach woman also could face a $10,000 fine.

Of course, protecting voters from the intimidation tactics of thugs such as the New Black Panthers or protecting the citizens of this country from the invasion by illegal immigrants is not as important, as far as Holder is concerned. In fact, he's refused to order an investigation of the Panthers and has filed lawsuits against the state of Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

But fear not!  He will protect abortionists from people who protest next to the exit driveway of the facility!

But, Staver said, she doesn't remember ever physically blocking a car outside the clinic, as Holder is charging. Further, he said, she told him she doesn't stand where Holder alleges the confrontation took place. She prefers to stand by the exit driveway because the entrance also leads to a Wendy's and she doesn't want to waste her time talking to people stopping for burgers.

 And it looks like he's just getting started...

Holder also may not be done suing protesters who gather outside Presidential.

In the lawsuit, he describes Pine as "one of two protesters."

Staver said the wording makes him suspect another person may soon be sued.

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