Sep 4, 2009

Curt Schilling - Possible Senate Run

It has been reported by 38 Pitches, Politico,and (among other places) that Curt Schilling is considering a run for the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. As he stated, he "(has) no baggage." Indeed, let us ponder this man for a moment.

Who here remembers the 2006 World Series where we learned the true meaning of the name, Red Sox? Who remembers watching the measure of this man, standing on the mound, his sock turning red from blood? This man, who loved his team, was dedicated. While facing tremendous pain, he pitched, in my opinion, the greatest game ever recorded in the annals of MLB.

Who remembers the man who opened up his home to a displaced family during hurricane Katrina while the feds were still trying to figure out what to do?

Now he has decided to take on another adversary, in what may be the most important battle of his (and America's) life.

Curt, America's forefathers are with you. True Patriots of Massachusetts are with you. God is with you.

Go for it!

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