Sep 15, 2009

My Observations of the Liberal Mindset - UPDATED

I have read quite a few articles by conservative pundits that claim the liberal mindset should be treated as a mental disorder. These pendants are serious. Yet, I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Instead, I’m going to write about my own observations and reveal the conclusion I have achieved.

I once dated a very liberal woman. How that came about, I’m still trying to understand. Yet it did open my eyes as to how they operate.

This woman, though very sweet, seems to have a complete lack of understanding as to why she opposes certain conservative representatives. She would routinely tell me how much she loathes someone such as Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, or numerous other conservatives. When asked why, she would say something along the lines of “I don’t know why, I just do!” When I pushed for more information, or attempted to voice my opinion in a neutral way, she would become irate and state that she no longer wanted to talk about it. One time while we were in my vehicle, I tuned to Rush and we listened to him for a few minutes before I informed her who he was. She had no clue!

I did not get into many discussions with her parents, but they were of the mindset of accepting everyone. “Everyone can change” was their motto, and while I applaud this, it points to a position of extreme optimism. Her father does not think highly of Reagan, yet when asked, I did not receive a reason why except that Reagan was “bad for America.”

Throughout the nation, liberals and progressives paint conservatives and those who oppose Obama as racists. In the recent Tea Party here in Pocatello, there was a man driving around in a truck asking us when we would be holding our KKK gathering.

Later on, a blog was posted in our local newspaper by a supporter of the Tea Party. He posted nothing racial. Yet a commenter joined in and called us racist bigots. He stated that he watched the event from the outside. I think I saw this man, as I was a greeter near one of the entrances. I remember seeing a man leaning against the fence with a perpetual scowl on his face. He stayed for no longer then twenty minutes. That is hardly enough time to find out what our Tea Party was all about.

While riding the transit bus around Idaho State University, I overheard two students talk about how much they loathed Rush Limbaugh. They took immense pleasure in tearing this man down. Yet as I listened, they gave no reason as to why they hate him. They just used the same old and tried comments such as, “racist,” “bigot,” “drug addict,” etc, etc.

I have come to the firm conclusion that Liberalism is a state of mind for those who are controlled by their emotions, not reason. They’ll listen to a socialist professor tear someone down, soak up the hate, and then spread it. They won’t investigate for themselves, and if one approaches them and tries to have a reasonable discussion, inevitably they will resort to froth spitting anger.

What other answer can we give for the hate that the left has been spewing (since before my birth in 1975)? What other answer can I give to the socialist feelings of entitlement? In response to conservatives, they push their anger and hatred off on us. They say that we are doing everything out of hate. They do not seem to understand that one can hate a policy yet not hate the person themselves. They do not understand that we are fighting a dangerous shift into communism, and that we are doing this in order to preserve freedom – ours and theirs.

This quite easily explains their stances on:

  • Abortion
  • Illegal immigration
  • The homosexual lifestyle
  • The destruction of marriage as the world has always known it
  • The push for national health care
  • Hatred of Christianity

I can go on and on. Yet each of those positions represents an emotional response - “I want,” “I feel,” “Chaos,” “I deserve,” and “No one will tell me what is wrong, that is up to me to decide!”

How can one approach a person caught in such throws of emotion and have a rational discussion? That is the question that truly needs answered.
Update - As expected when I posted this a few days ago, I received a lot of hate mail from the left. Members of the liberal mindset also posted negative comments on websites where I posted links to this article. Some accused conservatives as being the the ones "caught in the throws of emotion." Others classified this post as "drivel."

In an attempt to open discussions with one of them, a few days ago I replied to a comment stating that as an American I would like to discuss our political differences. The person responded with the common liberal stances on abortion, health care reform, gun control, etc.

I then posted my response, which were rather lengthily, and thanked that person for willing to discuss the issues. I advised that I was looking forward to their response. Two days have now gone by without receiving any.

Thus, even from this most recent "discussion," I am still forced to maintain the position I stated above. Those from the left do not seem truly willing to have open discussions. Instead, they will continue to respond with emotion. It is unfortunate, as I know many on the right are willing to discuss these issues, not just debate them.


Rushlight said...

I think the operating theme is that people are ignorant, usually due to laziness. It takes time and effort to become informed. And most people aren’t ready to do that.

This leads to concept of the "fickle crowds" Shakespeare refers to in Julius Caesar. They believe most strongly in that which the last eloquent speaker tells them.

I have no problem with people having different opinions than me. What I dislike is people who don't know why they feel that way.

The Green City said...

I absolutely agree, 'laziness' seems to be the norm for a majority of people. And, they will reap their rewards for their laziness. However, we do not have to be part of their lives, we can let them roll around in their own bed, so to speak. I'd like some feedback on a website if anyone would care to take some time go to:
and let me know what you think. Thanks, DJ

Anonymous said...

To combat this, we might employ a bit more emotionally charged passion for the concepts surrounding our Constitution and individual libertys guaranteed by said. And actually, it seems they are already rolling around in our bed as well as their own . . . and collectively- folks are lazy and seek the structure and guidance provided historically by the tribal or community or village storyteller. The day and current events are summed up and dealt with by this storyteller- everyone feels secure and sleeps well. However, if the storyteller has an agenda other than fact . . .

LeftySteve said...

"Those from the left do not seem truly willing to have open discussions"

I think you need to rename your blog "The Troubled Hypocrit". Oh well, wish you well Phil, regardless of your ideology or faith..

TroubledPatriot said...


Sorry you feel that way. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Lefty Steve needs to learn some manners. If I had not refrained from commenting on how his teeth came to mind with his comment, then I, also, would have no manners. Soon. Talk is cheap on the net . . .