Sep 3, 2009

Update on Obama’s “talk” to our children

Fox News reports on a story broken by the Washington Times. Fox News states that:

The Obama administration is rethinking its course recommendations for students ahead of President Obama's address to the nation's schoolchildren next week, rewriting its suggestions to teachers for student assignments on how to "help the president."

This is good news, although the very thought of Obama planning this in the first place is quite disturbing. What this does show however, is that Patriots throughout America are making their voices heard. However, I do not doubt that this Communistic president and administration are now researching on how to intrude “under the radar.”

Fox News also reports in the same story:

"That's where they kind of got into a slippery spot. Federal statute denies any authority to the Department of Education to provide any kind of curriculum or anything that can be passed down to the state, and that's part of the statute forming the Department of Education. So they kinda got themselves into this mess because they didn't really understand some of the key legal roles or the dos and don'ts at the federal Department of Ed," she said. (emphasis mine)

Comrade Obama doesn’t understand what the Federal institution really is. This is quite understandable considering he is trying to completely change the face of the United States.

Consider this, folks. Here is the man who is taking over private companies, setting salary caps for those who didn’t even sign on to his disastrous “recovery stimulus,” trying to impose his version of health care reform, bows to foreign nationals, refuses to recognize the legitimacy of a government that ousted a dictator, and seeks to weaken the U.S. Military.

For those Americans who were undecided about opposing Obama’s policies, I hope this debacle concerning our children will be a wake up call to them.

On a side note, I wonder if we’ll be able to see, at length, the message he will deliver or if it will be kept secret? In spite of the “change,” I will continue to voice the call for Patriotic Americans to keep their children home from public schools on September 8th.

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