Sep 3, 2009

Rifqa Bary - Update

A 17 year old child is fighting for her life in a Florida court. She is a Christian who converted over from Islam, and like thousands of others, she now has a death sentence against her - by her own people! Her father threatened to kill her. Her family wants her back so they can ship her off to some Islamic country where she can be murdered in private.

Where is Barrack Hussein Obama? He’s busy sucking up to those Islamic nations, stating that Islam has always been a part of the United States. He bowed to a member of the Saudi ruling family!!!!

Where is the ACLU? Why are the media painting her as rebellious and unruly, while taking the side of her family? Why are they ignoring the countless honor killings throughout the world, including this very nation?

Thankfully, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Pamela of Atlas Shrugs are fighting for her cause.

This link is a summary from Robert concerning the court hearing today. Read it, all of it. See the hatred and lies that are being spread. See how evil is trying to deny her of her right to life.

Then watch this video from Pamela. Watch it all the way through. Then listen to the very end where Rifqa explains exactly what is happening. Listen to the fear in her voice.

Update - To help the reader better understand the true threat to Rifqa, Pamela Geller releases information concerning a recent facebook group with the stated purpose of, "we need to kill her."  Read the article here as it is reported at World Net Daily.

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