Sep 19, 2009

The Czars - Part 2

In the previous article, I left off with Cameron Davis who is the Great Lakes Czar. Please note - these are still those who have not yet been confirmed by congress.

Daniel Fried, Gitmo Closure Czar:

During an interview given to the extreme left, BBC, Mr. Fried reflected on his stance concerning Gitmo inmates.

Fried began by explaining that his job was “miserable,” because he was “cleaning up a problem” inherited from the Bush administration, which had nothing to do with advancing any positive aspects of US policy. “It’s not like we’re advancing liberty or making peace,” he said.

He also stated:

Daniel Fried: The detainees in Guantánamo run a spectrum. Some really are awful. Some qualify as “the worst of the worst,” and we’re going to put those on trial. Some, frankly, should not have been in Guantánamo for the past seven years.

Jon Manel: So they were innocent?

Daniel Fried: Innocent, guilt … I look at their files and some of them seem relatively benign, and I have in mind the Uighurs, in particular, but others …

Jon Manel: They’re the minority from China

Daniel Fried: That’s right, the Uighur minority from China, but if I had to describe — if there’s such a thing as an average Guantánamo detainee, it’s someone who was a volunteer, a low-level trainee or a very low-level fighter in a very bad cause, but not a hardened terrorist, not an organizer. Now it is those people whom we’re asking Europeans to take a look at, and each government has to evaluate the background of each individual and make a decision.

As usual, the Obama administration blames all the problems the United States is experiencing on the Bush administration. Although there were many stances that former President Bush took that I wholeheartedly disagree with, security is not one of them.

Mr. Fried claims that there is a distinction between “hardened terrorists” and those who were simply “volunteers” and “low level terrorists.” New flash: all of the terrorists in Gitmo volunteered their “services!” It doesn’t matter how “involved” you were, if you lifted only a “finger” in support of terrorist actions, you are a terrorist and should be treated as such!

Mr. Fried tries to justify his actions on his attempts to freeing certain individuals because they risk “…torture, or further arbitrary imprisonment, on their return.” Why is he actively trying to protect terrorists? How can releasing anyone who has shown their true colors back into society, untried, be considered in the best interests of the United States?

Nancy-Ann DeParle, Health Czar:

As reported by the NPR,

A former Tennessee state health commissioner, DeParle, 52, worked in various health jobs for most of the Clinton administration, first in the Office of Management and Budget and for three years as head of the agency that oversees Medicare and Medicaid.

…Unlike Sebelius, DeParle will not need to win Senate confirmation. But her activities since leaving government are likely to raise some eyebrows. She's served on an array of corporate boards of for-profit health companies, at least some of whose fates she will now help decide.

She joins Kathleen Sebelius who was:

A former Czar from the Clinton Administration, she is well known for her support of “abortion rights.”

But as a Democratic governor who supports abortion rights in a mostly Republican, mostly anti-abortion state, she has earned the enmity of anti-abortion groups.

Mary Kay Culp, executive director of Kansans for Life, says she thinks Sebelius is out of line with "mainstream America and the way they think, and a lot of damage can be done." She says the Department of Health and Human Services "is a huge department that oversees the FDA, where we've already seen abortion groups influence them a few years ago and put (the abortion pill) RU486 on a fast track to get approved, when cancer drugs wait for 10 years."

It is quite obvious where Obama plans to use these two women. Both are supporters for the murder of unborn babies, and will obviously push this agenda.

Click here for a relationship map concerning DeParle.

Dennis Ross, Middle East Czar:

Mr. Ross is an interesting contradiction in Obama’s Czar list. He is an avid supporter of Israel with a Jewish background. He has worked for both sides of the political spectrum, including Ronald Reagan’s administration. Initially, he was assigned as Obama’s envoy to Iran, perhaps because he supported opening “talks” with them:

With regard to the Iranians, we know that by not talking to Iran the U.S. did not improve the situation.

Yet as expected:

The Obama administration will announce that Ross has been reassigned to another position in the White House. In his new post, the former Mideast peace envoy under President Bill Clinton will deal primarily with regional issues related to the peace process.

Washington insiders speculate that a number of reasons moved the administration to reassign Ross. One possibility is Iran's persistent refusal to accept Ross as a U.S. emissary given the diplomat's Jewish background as well as his purported pro-Israel leanings.

No kidding! Not that I agree with any amount of “talks” with Iran’s oppressive government, it does cause me to wonder what Obama’s true stance is? He sends an envoy to the Iranians, one whom anyone with a grain of common sense knows will not be prosperous. While campaigning for president Obama also stated he was a staunch supporter of Israel, yet he has shown that is he quite indeed the opposite.

It is my personal belief that Obama has no intentions of supporting Israel, and willfully misused Mr. Ross in those dark ambitions, simply for political reasons.

George Mitchell, Middle-East Czar:

In a stark contrast to Mr. Ross, Mr. Mitchell espouses the Obama administration’s actual stance. The President himself stated:

"Now, understand that Sen. Mitchell is going to be fully empowered by me and fully empowered by Secretary Clinton," he said, appearing at the White House. "So when he speaks, he will be speaking for us."

George Mitchell has a solid track record concerning the Mid-East “peace process.”

Mitchell served as a Mideast envoy for the Bush administration, writing a 2001 report that called for a halt to Israeli settlements and greater Palestinian efforts to crack down on terror.

He also was a peace broker on Northern Ireland for President Clinton.


He recommended the Israelis lift the restrictions that prevent the Palestinians building up their economy, in the hope that creation of jobs might marginalise militants. He combined this with a call for a freeze on Jewish settlements on the West Bank, a proposal which could see early friction between the US and Israel if Netanyahu, who advocates settlement expansion, is elected.

Mitchell also called for the Palestinians to build up their security forces so they could crack down on militant groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, in order to offer Israel the prospect of prolonged peace. But that proposal is infinitely more difficult to achieve now than when Mitchell first proposed it. Hamas has since taken over control of Gaza and the Palestinians are divided between Hamas and Fatah, the ruling group on the West Bank.

He wants to lift Israeli restrictions on the so called Palestinians and encourages them to build up their armory. Is there any wonder that there is now friction between the respective governments of the United States and Israel?

Earl Devaney, Stimulus Accountability Czar:

From The Wall Street Journal:

Earl Devaney, head of the administration's new Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board -- already dubbed the Rat Board -- spoke recently with Wall Street Journal reporter Neil King. A hard-nosed Interior Department inspector general, Mr. Devaney must assure that the spending on the $787 billion stimulus package proceeds smoothly and relatively fraud-free. Below, an edited transcript of their discussion.

You have got to be kidding me! Millions of dollars given to ACORN, millions given to a well known “financial institution,” along with millions more wasted, how has this joker made sure that the funds went out “smoothly and relatively fraud-free?”

He talks tough, but his actions speak more then words.

As the number of Obama’s Czars seems without end, I will continue this discussion another day.


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