Sep 12, 2009

Pocatello Tea Party a Success!

There was no counter protest what so ever, though there was one man driving around in a truck shouting out, “So when is your KKK gathering?” Of course, since we oppose Obama’s socialist agendas, we are labeled as racists. So be it. I know that we are not.

The media in town did its best not to publicize the event, and this past week, we found that our posters had been torn down. So much for the left’s support of free speech! Yet we had a constant gathering of 500 people, and probably had well over 1,000 attend in total. For this town with its limited media support, I count that as a high success!

I had the opportunity to voice my opinion, and in doing so, I read the article I wrote last month, “Freedom’s Call.” I was approached by a few people afterward and was told that it was a good speech. I was humbly touched that my mere words were able to reach out. I do confess that I was rather nervous and probably stumbled over a phrase or two. Public speaking is not a strong point for me.

Many people from all walks of life voiced their opinions over the open mic. Young and old, veteran and non, all showed their frustration with the current Obama administration and the direction our government has gone these past years.

We then marched around city hall and ended up listening to a wonderful speech given by Ralph Lillig. His words were powerful and moving, soliciting loud applause and boo’s when appropriate.

While we were marching, an elderly lady fell down and suffered a cut on her forehead. We helped her back on her feet, and she resolutely took up her banner and marched on. Spontaneous applause erupted. Cars that passed by honked their horns in support.

During that march, a sense of love and pride came over me. I was honored to be a part of this gathering of Patriots. I will not lie when I say that I did indeed wipe a few tears from my eyes.

As you can gather, this was a very emotional day for me. I witnessed an outpouring of patriotism that I had never before experienced. Economic and religious differences were left behind as we all united under one cause. I love my country, and as many others, I will continue in this war for it’s existence as our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Unfortunately, my back seized up near closing, and I was not able to stick around for clean up. I wish that I was able to, but as I write this, I am in extreme pain. Yet this is a meager sacrifice for our freedoms, and I am willing to endure much more.

Thank you Pocatello patriots for your show of solidarity and support. This is only the beginning in our effort to remove draconian government. Endure we must through to the end, yet I know that our cause is just.

God bless America!

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