Mar 24, 2010

Facebook Protest Groups Grow

Anger is evident among Americans as Facebook groups are sprouting and growing all over the place. One group called "I bet we can find 1,000,000+ people who disapprove of the Health Care Bill" has, of this writing, grown to over 680,000 in a little over 24 hours. It is increasing by 200-300 members per minute!

Outrage over the Socialist Democrats take over of health care, their insane increases in taxes, their control over student loans, and their overall rampant destruction of American liberties is spreading like wildfire.

The recruits for this war are stepping up. Social Democrats, Mr. President, and progressives beware - you have raised the ire of the American majority. What is going to follow will not be pleasant, at least, not for you!

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American Patriot Party.CC said...

James Madison - Author of the Constitution - Virginia Resolution 1798:

"...That this state having by its Convention, which ratified the federal Constitution, expressly declared, that "AMONG OTHER ESSENTIAL RIGHTS", "the Liberty of Conscience and of the Press "CANNOT BE CANCELED", abridged, restrained, OR MODIFIED by "ANY AUTHORITY" of the "United States" (federal government),"

(APP: This includes Executive Orders (which in itself is unconstitutional), Legislative or Supreme Court)

"...and from its extreme anxiety to guard these rights from EVERY possible attack of "SOPHISTRY or AMBITION", having with other states, recommended an amendment for that purpose, which amendment was, in due time, ANNEXED to the Constitution; it would mark a "REPROACHABLE" inconsistency, and "CRIMINAL DEGENERACY", if an indifference were now shewn, to the most palpable violation of ONE OF THE RIGHTS, thus declared and secured; and to the establishment of a PRECEDENT (UNDER A PRETENSE OF AUTHORITY) which may be FATAL TO THE OTHER (RIGHTS)...."

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