Mar 21, 2010

Health Care Reform Debate and Vote Process

Stupak and his consortium have now agreed to vote in favor for the health care reform bill after Obama has promised to sign an executive order banning federal funding of abortion and also promising to keep the conscience clause in effect. Just to note - an executive order is not law, so in effect, Obama has made an ineffective promise, which is something quite natural for him.

I'll be keeping you up to date as today's process continues onward.

* The loss of American freedom is here.
Every single democrat speaking up during the debate is appealing to an emotional form of persuasion in support of this so-called health care reform bill. The Republicans are appealing to logic and legal reasoning in regards to their opposition. One Republican made a great comment stating, "You'll get your health provision, but it will be from Turbo-Tax!" He was speaking in regards to the massive hiring of employees for the IRS.
Texas is showing strong opposition to the bill. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) made an excellent point showing how Massachusetts is now going bankrupt as a result of their socialized health care.

Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), however, is in support for the bill. Like all Democrats, he claims that the main reason that millions of Americans go bankrupt is due to health care costs.

John Linder (R-GA) asserts that the majority of Americans are happy with their current insurance, and those not insured are still fine (uninsured are still taken care of). Claims that this billis not about health care, but about government.

Mike Thompson (D-CA) portrays insurance companies as the opposition and appeals to emotionalism in his support for the health care reform bill.

Devin Nunes (R-CA) states that the debate is about socialization and that the "ghosts of communism" is being brought into America, which so many had fled.

Mark Schauer (D-MI) states that he stands for those who lost their jobs and can't keep insurance. Yet another emotional appeal.

Patrick Tiberi (R-OH) points out how Medicare will be cut and how debt will be added to future generations. This bill adds people to "a broken system."

Ron Kind (D-WI) alludes to the walk on the moon and equates the health care bill to this - yet another appeal to emotionalism.

Xavier Becerra (D-CA) -Today is a day of history, and that 123 Americans will die today because of lack of health care coverage (I guess they never went to the ER, huh?)

Ginny Brown (R-FL) -Waite shows how the Democrats believe that American's can't be trusted to run their own lives. The bill increases premiums for every American who has insurance. Seniors will loose health care.

Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) accuses Republicans of "fear-mongering" and telling lies. The Clerk then reviewed what he said per request of a Republican to have them stricken as they were challenges as violating House Decorum. The words were stricken.

Geofff Davis (R-KY) is filled with grief due to the Democrats thwarting the will of the American people.

And so the debate goes on.... but it basically follows along those lines.
The debate continues, and the differences are obvious. The Republicans make their stand based upon what's constitutional, what their constituents want, how this will turn America into a socialist nation, and how it will destroy the freedoms of Americans. The Democrats continue to hold to emotionalism, and hold to the so called 32 million people who will now have health care coverage. The Democrats willfully ignore how this legislation will destroy the health insurance industry by demanding they lower rates, cover those with pre-existing conditions, and demand that "children" aged up to 26 (yes, TWENTY SIX) will continue to have coverage under their parent's insurance plans. 26 year old children? So by that line of thought, I assume that we allow our children to go to war, have free sex, drink, vote, etc. What a bunch of bull! The Democrats are showing themselves to be the real enemies of freedom.
At the end of the debate, Pelosi made a grandstanding appearance to a round of applause from the liberal - socialist, left. She was given one minute to speak, but prattled on for 10+ minutes spouting the emotional pleading that represented what all the Democrats used the entire night. Pelosi goes on thanking all her supporters and all the contributors to the "reform bill" as if the bill has already been passed (and of course, it will be).
Voting has begun. The spineless-communist hacks, the Democrats, declined to do a roll call of the vote, instead choosing to vote electronically.
  • Vote count concerning the bill which passed last December in the Senate, H.R. 3590: Yea - 219, Nay - 212.
  • The motion to recommit the passed health care reform bill with legislation added to prevent federal funding of abortion did not pass.
  • Vote count on Reconciliation Bill H.R. 4872 (The legislative changes to the health care bill that will go to the senate voted on there): Yea - 220, Nay - 211.
Since the vote was done electronically, I am unable at this point to give a roll call of who voted for what. As soon as I have that information, I will post it here.

It is amazing how America, once known as "The Land of the Free," has changed in just little over a year. Reid says that he thinks the bill will pass in the Senate, and considering how previous votes have gone, and how Stupak bent under pressure (and compromised the unborn), I'm quite sure that it will be passed. Thus, it now remains in the hands of the States.

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