Mar 19, 2010

Should we impeach?

The very thought of Obama holding the highest office of the land sickens me to no end. He is systematically tearing up the Constitution and throwing it out the window. His cronies led by Pelosi and Reid are showing the American public where their true allegiance resides. Many people are now considering the impeachment of this imposter from Africa. But is that a wise thing to do?

Consider what would happen if Obama is impeached and then convicted. Guess who would get the reigns of power? Yup, Joe "you're mamma's not dead?" Biden. In my opinion, that clown could be just as devistating - if not worse - than B.O. That circus freak has been turning Dan Quail into a scholar, and I shudder to think of what he'd do to this country.

What if we got rid of both Obama and Biden? Well, what if, by the slimmest of margins, Pelosi wins re-election from her rabid and ultra-liberal base? Do we want her running America? The only positive benefit from her holding office is that the stock the company that produces Botox would rise immensely.

No, what we need to do is throw all the socialists bums from both sides of the isles out on their rears and load up congress with true Americans. Then we can let B.O. flounder in office for two more useless years and rejoice when a real president is elected.

Thus, I'm against impeachment.

- As a side note, I wonder if Obama realized the risk of his impeachment and that was why he chose Biden as his running mate?

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