Mar 1, 2010

Pelosi is an Idiot

Earlier this past week, Nancy Pelosi stated that she and the Democrats share some of the same views as those of us who participated in the Tea Parties.

However, in early 2009 she stated that:

the Anti-Tax Tea Parties are not a grassroots movement, rather an "astroturf" movement funded by the wealthiest Americans in protest of having to pay more taxes

Then in an interview in August of 2009, she made this comment regarding those of us who showed up at town hall events:

They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care.

Now she's telling her fellow Democrats to stop worrying about keeping their jobs and to pass the health care reform since its "obvious" that Americans want it. Hello? Pelosi? Is anyone home? If Americans really wanted the health care "reform" that you're trying to shove down their throats, then those who vote in favor for it would in no way be risking their jobs!

We need to get this Communist bimbo out of office as soon as possible. I don't think she'd know what common sense was if it hit her upside the head!


Pasta Brain said...

I agree that Nancy lives in a fantasy world often times and is out of touch with mainstream America, I think these statements are a move towards consolidating power and being in position to pull the political wool over the people's eyes come election time. I wrote about it in my article Semantics and the Art of Powerbase Maintenance.

She may be an idiot, but she is a cagey idiot.

TroubledPatriot said...

Good article you wrote, I encourage my readers to view it.

And true, she is a cagey idiot, most Democrats (and Republicans as well) are.

I'm simply trying to show her doublespeak, as well a point out that the only thing that she really has between her ears is an overflow of Botox.

DJ Willie said...

Hey folks it's not just Nancy Pelosi that is pulling the wool over people's eyes. It's the entire Government from the Pres. down to the Ordinance control officer's running around our Cities. We've got some big problems and WE can change them by standing OUR ground! For instance, not long ago I was sick and tired of being taxed to death by this so called "Personal Property tax", so I went and started digging into the actual Legislated Law and the way this Law is administered by the Tax Collectors is completely different than the way the Law is written. This is just one battle that needs to be fought. There are literally thousands of battles that need to be fought in this Country to retake her back. One way WE can ALL make a difference is to start using the Freedom of Information Act to bombard our Government from many different angles including the famous IMF files that IRS keeps on ALL of us. Using the FOIA to request this information is a good way to overload their system with paperwork that they MUST reply to or face an easy to lodge lawsuit in District courts at the tune of $5000+ each if they refuse to answer or to show up at Court. Let's do it! Go to: sign in and click FOIA you'll get everything you need. Thanks, DJ

Anonymous said...

Pelosi is her own worst enemy! What goes around, comes around. She'll get what's coming to her, you'll see!!!!