Mar 23, 2010

Now is the Time for Another Civil Rights Movement

On Sunday, March 21st, 2010, the Social Democrats declared war upon the citizens of The United States of America. With joyous applause, they heralded in the most draconian set of laws this nation has ever seen. Social Democrats throughout the Unites States took to cheering and jeering as the good people of this nation found their rights taken away. War has been declared.

My fellow citizens, now is the time to fight - not with violence, but with resistance. The Social Democrats continuously referred to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's - well, its time that America takes up that call. Rosa Parks declined to give up her seat; millions of blacks entered in to "whites only" establishments; millions took to the streets in peaceful protest. We must now do the same.

Refuse to follow the laws mandated by this new bill. If you are uninsured, remain so and refuse to pay the $2,000 fine. When the fascists come for you, bring this issue all the way to the Supreme Court. That this current government will continue in its toltalitarian ways must be recognized. Yet we will continue to resist. Do everything in your power to let the establisment know that we are free; we will not submit!

No longer should we reply with timidity or in friendship with those Social Democrats who continue to destroy this nation. Stand firm on our American freedoms and let everyone know that we will not be ruled with an iron fist.

Our year long protest in which millions of Americans raised their voices did not affect those in power. Thus, we must expand those protests to every aspect of American life. In every situation where we find the government's iron fist closing fast, we must resist.

Obama and the Social Democrats plan on passing yet another amnesty bill to grant millions of illegal Mexican immigrants the blessings of American citizenship. They will do so in an attempt to keep themselves in power - thus making our votes meaningless. Do not let this happen! If at all possible, keep the enemies in congress (for they are most assuredly our enemies) from passing such legislation until we are able to vote them out.

My fellow Americans, the Social Democrats now control the banking industry, a huge auto manufacturer and now the health industry. Do not be so naive as to think that the Social Democrats will stop there. It is the Social Democrats' intent to control every aspect - every freedom - of American lives. The Social Democrats will continue to pass more bills to do so. The Social Democrats have already proven that they do not cherish the Constitution. The Social Democrats have no respect for it - of this there can no longer be any question.

Liberty's wail is overflowing the streams, rivers, mountains and plains of America. She raises her voice in trembling pain as the Social Democrats methodically dismember her. She is being torn to pieces, with her blood covering the land. Will you now rise - without hesitation - in her defense, or shall America be drenched by her precious blood - only to have the crows of tyranny drink it while feeding upon her carcass?

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