Mar 24, 2010


Republicans are now returning to their wishy-washy path concerning opposition to the active socialist take over of America. Despite the atrocity committed this past Sunday when the Democrats - to a person - voted for the destruction of American civil liberties, some Republicans are now considering, at least, a partial end to their party's opposition. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

The Obama administration's passage of a sweeping health-care revamp has scrambled Republicans' strategic calculations on Capitol Hill, forcing the GOP to decide whether to maintain its largely unified opposition to Democratic proposals...Republicans have faced challenges in trying to present a unified position on the [financial regulations] bill, given the dicey political prospect of appearing to side with big Wall Street banks.

Are they serious? They're willing to change their position because they were unable to halt the enemy's drive to dictatorship? That's equivalent to the preposterous idea of England surrendering to Germany during WWII after Hitler abandon his promise to not engage in the domination of Europe!

Imagine Winston Churchill proclaiming, "Well, we weren't able to stop Hitler from the invasion of France. We tried our hardest, and the French people have our condolences. However, we have determined that our best strategy is to agree with Hitler in other related matters. After all, we don't want to appear as 'unmovable' and 'old fashioned.' What's important is the World's opinion of us as a nation."

The Democrats just finished ramming down a piece of legislation that 76% of the American population oppose! As well, the Democrat vote was completely partisan while 33 Democrats crossed the isle to join their brethren on the Right in a bi-partisan movement to oppose the bill's passage. Yet some Republicans are now considering "backing off" from their opposition in the hopes of not being viewed negatively by the public?

From the same article:

Following the enactment of the health-care revamp, some Republicans have said the party should have sought to negotiate, instead of offering blanket opposition, to win concessions.

With the Democrats having complete control over Congress, and having showed their obvious contempt for the Constitution, some Republicans actually regret their blanket opposition! They actually question whether the Democrats would have conceded anything to them if they weren't so adamantly opposed! How can they be so blind to recent history? The Republicans tried to offer suggestions and alternatives to the Democrats concerning the health care "reform" travesty, and every single suggestion was ignored while the Democrats publicly accused the Republicans of not offering any solutions - a complete lie!

Who are some of the Republicans considering this? The are: Sen. Bob Corker [R, TN], Sen. John Thune [R, SD], Sen. Richard Shelby [R, AL] and Rep. John Kline [R, MN]. I'm positive that these aren't the only Republicans considering such a position.

This is the very reason why I refuse to associate myself with the Republican party. During the Clinton administration and during part of the W. Bush administration, the Republicans had control of Congress but out of fear of what the Democrats would say, squandered that opportunity. And now on the heels of this most recent atrocity, the Republicans are up to it again.

This is also why I find it hard to take Sarah Palin seriously. She simply refuses to reconsider her position in support of John McCain over former U.S. Rep J.D. Hayworth - whom I enthusiastically support. This is the same McCain who attempted to coerce a Social Democrat into switching over to the Republican party; this is the same McCain who has routinely in the past attacked his own party in support of the Social Democrats; this is the same McCain who co-authored the McCain-Feingold "finance reform bill" which the Supreme Court found unconstitutional; this is the same McCain who enabled Obama to become President by running a watered down campaign - resulting in many conservatives not even bothering to go to the polls!

When Sara came out in support of McCain, conservatives all over the place were understandably upset. Many posted comments on her Facebook page expressing their disgust. Michelle Malkin even took Palin to task over this. Yet, the "Darling of America" refused to even acknowledge the controversy. Thus, as far as I'm concerned, she is just another example of the Republican elite - who while "talking the talk," refuses to "walk the walk."

The Republican party is showing itself once more to be as gutless and spineless as they have always been. If they deem it proper to back off now, expect to see the Democrats run roughshod over them through the rest of 2010. Also expect to see them voted out of office. What the Republicans need to acknowledge is the real anger surging through American citizens. They need to understand that they have the Popular Support in their resistance to the Social Democrats. Instead of squandering this support by worrying about politics, they should engage the enemy head on. However, it seems that they lack the spine to do so.

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